Mail Admin: SAMBA-VMS list is being flooded.

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Thu Aug 21 00:28:58 GMT 2003

Sorry for the off topic intrusion to this list.

The samba-vms mailing list is being flooded with virus notifications 
from administrator at

Apparently the virus is now spoofing the samba-vms e-mail address, and 
the misconfigured virus scanner at is posting a notification for 
each one received.

They are coming in one every few minutes.  I have e-mailed the 
contact addresses, but there does not seem to be anyone home there all 
day since this started, and the frequency of the postings seems to be 

Can someone put a block on the administrator at from making more 
postings?  At least until this stupid worm dies down.

wb8tyw at
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