- stack corruption in static modules

Ken Cross kcross at
Wed Aug 20 20:24:52 GMT 2003


I've been trying all day to track down why smbd started panicking.  It
happens when calling my VFS initialization routine (vfs_alfs_init) *if* it
is built statically.

Previously, it would get defined in proto.h as:

 NTSTATUS vfs_alfs_init(void);

Now it doesn't.  This is causing a panic on this statement on line 225 in

        if(!backends) static_init_vfs;

where config.h defines:

 #define static_init_vfs { vfs_alfs_init();}


Anyhow, needs to be fixed to include static modules from the
modules/ directory like it did earlier.  Otherwise, smbd panics.


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