more vampirism

Ronan Waide waider at
Wed Aug 20 11:54:54 GMT 2003

Net RPC vampire from Samba 3 BDC to NT4SP6 PDC ended up with this:

Fetching BUILTIN database
Failed to fetch builtin database: NT code 0x00000001

Also, the documentation on cloning a PDC doesn't make it clear that
you need to have all the 'add user/add machine/add user to group'
etc. scripts in working order before a successful vampire operation
will work. It may well be obvious if you've read all the docs, but if
you're just working through the cloning howto it's not mentioned at
all. Perhaps vampire should even fail if you're lacking these scripts,
as while it makes a usable passdb from samba's point of view, none of
the unix mappings will be in place.

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