Samba 3.0rc1 and Unix accounts

Tom Alsberg alsbergt at
Mon Aug 18 16:52:57 GMT 2003

I got to install Samba 3.0rc1 (specifically, checked out from CVS with
the SAMBA_3_0 tag today) and thought to test it a bit.  Had a little
problem with tdbsam.

I put passdb backend = tdb in smb.conf, not sure why, actually, since
I thought that would be the default having read what I did in the
example smb.conf

By default, on a fresh install and first use, passdb.tdb does not
exist.  So smbd (pdb_tdb) creates it on first request.  But for some
reason, on subsequent requests, opening the TDB fails.  I don't know
much about TDB, but the file exists (although its size is zero after
it was created - shouldn't it have some internal tdb data and a few
identifiying blocks even for an empty database?  Is this normal, or is
the problem already before this?), and after I added a bit more to the
debugging message, I see errno is Input/output error...
Any idea why this is?  Is something wrong here with what I did (this
is quite a clean install)?

A few other questions here:

The example smb.conf says that tdbsam is now the current generic
passdb backend and that smbpasswd is only kept for compatibility.  Yet
for some reason, it seems that unless specifying it explicitly in
smb.conf, smbpasswd is still used.  Why is that?

Which is the exact code deciding which passdb backend to use (since
there is no default in loadparam)?

When (meaning during the server's lifetime - what events cause it, and
where is it in the code) are passdb.tdb or smbpasswd changed by smbd?
I recall it happening, but am not quite sure yet.  Basically unless
using CIFS based some remote management/administration facilities
(user manager or whatever), I cannot think right now why it would be
modified for normal stuff (users and groups) except by the smbpasswd
utility or whatever.

Other questions popped up which I do not remember exactly, might ask
more in the future...

  Thanks, answers appreciated,
  -- Tom

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