migrate NT4 -> Samba 3 + LDAP

Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at unav.es
Mon Aug 18 10:10:52 GMT 2003

Roland Gruber wrote:
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> Hi all,
> I need to migrate a NT4 domain server to Samba 3 with OpenLDAP.
> Unfortunately "net rpc vampire" did not work, no accounts were migrated.
> So I decided to migrate them manually with the data from "net rpc
> samdump". The dump shows odd and even user RIDs. Is it possible to put
> them directly in LDAP? They do not follow this calculation with rid =
> uid * 2 + 1000.
> Or do I have to change the RID numbers?

if you are in a hurry perhaps the bin/smbpasswd -a <user> <passwd>
may help. The smbpasswd takes the uid/gidNumber and makes the rid.

also the examples/LDAP directory provide some scripts.


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