errors on domain join

Ronan Waide waider at
Wed Aug 13 08:50:48 GMT 2003

On August 13, jerry at said:
> Ahh.....we saw this in the lab yesterday.  We'll try to track
> it down tomorrow as I think we have a reproducible test case.
> Do you have any special settings on the NT4 dc?  NTLMv2 or
> something?

None that I'm aware of; I didn't set it up, and I'm not entirely sure
how to check this stuff. However, this is the same NT PDC that earlier
this year I was able to samsync/samdump everything but the password
hashes from - they always came up blank no matter how much other info
I got from the PDC.

>> I tend to not touch my procmail setup very much. It does a small amount
>> of spam filtering, and that's it.
> it'll be doing a small amount of falling out the window...grrr
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