[PATCH] updates for examples/VFS/*

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Sun Aug 10 13:12:10 GMT 2003

Hi Stefan!

> here's my patch for examples/VFS/*
Looks good! I have some small comments.

> 1) configure autodetect the samba version from include/version.h
> this can be overwritten with configure --with-samba-version="3.0.0rc1cvs"
> for vendors which changed include/version.h
> there
> ...
> macros is module_config.h defined  then
There is a lot of code duplication between aclocal.m4 in the VFS
directory and source/.

> 2) I add a skel_compat module which compiles on 2.2.* and 3.0.*
This one looks kinda confusing to me - have you asked Alexander's
opinion on this one?

> 3) the skel_* modules include module_config.h (which holds SAMBA_VERSION_* 
> defines) now
> and I add the skel_sendfile function which were missing
> Enjoy your flight!:-)
Thanks! Only 6 hours before we arrive in San Francisco.


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