Samba and MS Shadow Copy

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Tue Aug 5 17:27:09 GMT 2003

It's data about Shadow Copy volumes, so it could be any of them.  How 'bout

Attached is a capture of a Win XP client ( getting Shadow Copy
data from a Windows 2003 Server (  Filter on SMB packets.  Look
at packets 399-402 and 431-440.

Restoring a file (or directory) isn't a special operation.  When your VFS
module converts the name sent from the client from:




it acts just like a regular file operation.  Renaming the file is the key.
It's made easier by the fact that all Shadow Copies (snapshots) are


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> >I couldn't find any name from MS for this FSCTL function, so I just 
> >made one up.  If anyone know a better one, please feel free 
> to use it.
> Ok, should I use
> BTW: can you send me a trace of all possible calls and maybe 
> restoring a file
> metze
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