smbmount a SMB share on Linux.

Trevor Fraser trevor at
Tue Aug 5 11:37:49 GMT 2003

Hello All.

I've been having problems mounting the SMB share on a Linux box with
read/write permissions.

The senario is I've set up a Samba share called "Agencies" on
/proj/Agencies to force group to "agencies".  I've set all the masks and
modes (except force unknown acl user) to 0770.  The user I want to
connect as is in the agencies group.  The guest is set to no and the
read only is set to no.  When I mount the drive, I can't write to that
directory.  The command I've tried amoung others that I think should
definately work is(one line):

# smbmount //merlin/Agencies /mnt/Agencies/ -o 

The directory on the file server belong to root:agencies with a 770 mask
recursively.  The user "zuko" is part of the group agencies on both the
file server and the local machine.  

Is there something I should know about to be able to do this?  Any help
will be greatly appreciated.



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