samba proceses - question

Javid Abdul-AJAVID1 abduljavid at
Mon Aug 4 19:22:53 GMT 2003

I noticed mulitiple samba procceses when i run smbstatus. ( samba 2.2.8a on solaris , clients win2k )
pids  are different sometimes for the same uid ( with root pid being same), machine name is same again ( the client )
my understanding is, there should be one root process for smbd and then all user mappings are spawned process from the root, and irrespective how many shares a user is mapped from win2k clients, there should be one smbd process for each unix id. 
In my case this is not what am observing. I notice multiple user ids ( smbstatus) for same pid, and some times diff pid for same uid.
Also i noticed lot of times some proceses are owned by 'root' while some by unix user id?

is this normal.
Thanks in advance for replies.

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