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Sat Aug 2 19:03:40 GMT 2003

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On Sat, 2 Aug 2003, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

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> If anyone is interested in what's holding up 3.0 RC 1,
> query bugzilla for bugz in 3.0 that have a severity of 
> "blocker"
> There are 11 there at the moment.

Doh!  I spoke too soon.  Here is the draft of how to clasify the 
importance of a bug.  Thanks to Marc Kaplan for the initial
rules).  Once we get this solidified, it will be posted on 
http://[bugzilla.] for easy reference

Samba bug severity vs. priority:

  Bug Priority Definitions:

    P1: Showstopper: The release WILL NOT ship with this bug
    P2: High: We'd hate to release with this bug, but if it
       comes down to it we will
    P3: Medium: We will fix this after we fix the highs
    P4: Low: We will fix this after we fix the mediums
    P5: Need to verify: This is not given a 1, 2, 3, or 4
       because we're not sure this is a real bug

  If a bug will not be fixed for this release, mark it as a P5
  and add a comment.

  If a report is not a bug (e.g. misconfiguration), then mark is as
  FIXED/INVALID and comment on the reason it is not a bug,

Bug Severity Definitions
  blocker:  Segmentation fault or panic
  critical: A security hole
  major:    A feature advertised to work does not work, and
            there is no workaround.
  normal:   A feature advertised to work does not work, but
            there is a workaround.
  enhancement: Request to enhance a current feature or
               add a new feature

What's the difference between "severity" and "priority"?

   Severity is purely customer impact, while priority denotes
   the importance to fix. It is very possible for a bug to have
   a high severity (i.e. a seg fault), but a low priority (the
   segfault only happens 1 time per trillion chances). In normal
   practice though,  bugs that have high severity usually also
   have high priority.

   Severity is a canonical list: It is in place so we can figure
   out the nature of the bugs in the database: i.e. how many
   segfaults are there.

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