LMHOSTS as static WINS entry repository?

Matthew Western mwestern at affairs.net.au
Wed Apr 30 00:36:55 GMT 2003

>Should our LMHosts do exactly the same job as Microsoft's LMHosts or
>should we allow it to be different?  We're currently different, but that
>causes trouble for some users.

Would it be possible for the nmbd to automatically or with a reload signal
sent to it to reload the LMHOSTS file rather than what I currently have to
do which is modify my /etc/hosts file then do a killall nmbd and restart it
to get it to read.

If i from a Windoze client, try to ping a non-existant name in nmbd it fails
to resolve (obviously). i then put it in /etc/hosts and it still fails, it's
cached the fail and wont' reload it.  i have to restart (killall nmbd)
nmbd/smbd and then it works.

Perhaps it could reload evern 1 min like the smb.conf file is currently?

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