name mangling question

Leo Qiu leoxqiu at
Wed Apr 30 00:20:31 GMT 2003


I have a question related to name mangling.

In smbd/filename.c :135 (version 2.2.8a)
if (VALID_STAT(st) && (strlen(orig_path) ==

I am not sure why the lengths of the original path and
name are compared here. If the name is mangled,
definitely this will fail and the file will be
regarded as nonexistent because sbuf.st_nlink is equal
to zero. If the file is regarded as nonexistent, the
line "if (conn->vfs_ops.fchmod_acl(fsp, fsp->fd, mode)
== -1 && errno == ENOSYS)" in smbd/nttrans.c will be
called and the file permission is always reset to the
inherited permission from parent directory.

Could you please have a look at it? Thank you very


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