pdb_ldap.c/Samba 3.0 PDC for XP

Matt Benjamin matt at linuxbox.nu
Tue Apr 29 21:51:39 GMT 2003

Hi folks,

It seems like this code is somewhat mutable right now...though it looked
viable a few days ago.

What I'm trying to do is test-migrate our Samba 2.2.x + LDAPSAM Samba
setups to Samba 3.0, to get group mapping, etc.

I had done a CVS pull on HEAD on 4/25, and was able (with a minor change
to pdb_ldap.c/make_a_mod [note on pdb_ldap.c, l. 835:  you don't need
this, and you don't want it, because it breaks deletion of group maps]
to create a domain based on our 2.2.x LDAP data, and I was able to join
and use domain logins from a W2K client.  I had trouble with a WinXP
station, though.  I could "join" the domain, but afterwards, XP reported
the domain was not available.

With this morning's CVS code (SAMBA_3_0), some things are awry.  Among
other things, (at least) init_sam_from_ldap and ldapsam_getsampwsid
functions fail to find sambaAccount entries based on rid--this seemed to
be a simple omission, so I fixed these.  After doing so, I was able to
do logins with smbclient, and to update workstations with "smbpasswd -m
-a".  However, attempting to join the domain now failed with a handle
error in find_policy_by_hnd_internal.

My question is, how far is this code from stabilizing?  Is the ldapsam
back end expected to break further before it becomes usable again--with
backward compatibility to 2.2 data, as I understand is planned?



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