2.4 version of cifs vfs updated in cvs

Steven French sfrench at us.ibm.com
Mon Apr 28 21:02:16 GMT 2003

The 2.4 kernel version of the cifs vfs has been updated to version 0.7.6
which brings it up to the equivalent level of the cifs vfs in the current
2.5 development version.  Among the most visible changes is that it should
work better with the mount helper (mount.cifs) but it includes various
fixes (listed in the file fs/cifs/CHANGES).   The testing for the most
recent set of changes has been only on reasonably current Linux 2.4
(2.4.20) so any feedback on problems found on distros based on Linux kernel
version 2.4.18 or 2.4.19  would be appreciated.

The main issues I am taking a look at for the next few days are:
1) passing the actual return code back on mount (so mount errors don't get
mapped to the generic kernel mount error message)
2) more oplock testing and fixup
3) adding the mount.cifs thread for dfs for hostname lookups (unless I can
find another way to do gethostbyname in kernel)
4) mount.cifs cleanup and adding in a few missing options (support for
password file e.g.)

Steve French
Senior Software Engineer
Linux Technology Center - IBM Austin
phone: 512-838-2294
email: sfrench at us.ibm.com

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