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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Fri Apr 25 18:44:18 GMT 2003

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On 25 Apr 2003, Simo Sorce wrote:

> No it's Rafal (mimir), that's working on them, I only tried to help him
> out on sambaXP, and we may work toghether to move them in the SAM (where
> they should stay), but mimir is the person you need to ask.

ok.   Andrew B. had mentioned yo somehow.  Maybe I misunderstood.

> >  * tdbsam - anyone using this that can comment ?
> it is pretty stable to me, I use it for everyday testing on samba, so if
> something strange happens the next weekend I see and fix it, so long I
> found just nobody complaining about it.

Sorry dude.  Developers don't get to verify their own code.  
#1 rule of bug tracking :-)  

<best voice of Shrek>
  Does anybody else know the status of tdbsam

> >  * group mapping (tested with LDAP) - ok
> does they work without ldap?
> I'll try to test that out, but don't count 
> on me, I'm pretty busy, and group mapping is not 
> my top priority

Dunno.  This goes hand in hand with tdbsam.

cheers, jerry

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