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Fri Apr 25 18:36:06 GMT 2003

On Fri, 2003-04-25 at 05:04, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
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> Things that work well in my experience (if people have different 
> experiences, let me know):
>  * net rpc vampire - except that the builtin group membership is not 
>    migrated.  I have local patches to fix this, but I'm wondering
>    why it was left out in the beginning.  Volker ?  Any comments?
>  * trust relationships - almost there.  We need to be able to allocate
>    uids/gids for trusted domain users/groups.  Winbind running on 
>    a Samba PDC will solve this, but we have to fix the deadlock 
>    issues first.  IMO we need to fix this before the feature freeze.
>    I know Simo was working on this.  How does it stand right now ?

No it's Rafal (mimir), that's working on them, I only tried to help him
out on sambaXP, and we may work toghether to move them in the SAM (where
they should stay), but mimir is the person you need to ask.

>  * printer publishing via Windows printer properties page - currently
>    broken due to some krb credentials cache issue.  
>  * Winbind - works with active directory and nt 4 domains (no 
>    regressions that I can see).
>  * printing code (backend, lanman, & spoolss) - seems ok
>  * file serving (including MS-DFS)  - seems ok
>  * tdbsam - anyone using this that can comment ?

it is pretty stable to me, I use it for everyday testing on samba, so if
something strange happens the next weekend I see and fix it, so long I
found just nobody complaining about it.

>  * ldapsam - looks ok.  We do have some schema issues to iron out 
>    though.
>  * group mapping (tested with LDAP) - ok

does they work without ldap?
I'll try to test that out, but don't count on me, I'm pretty busy, and
group mapping is not my top priority

>  * nt4 domain control - works good with a few minor bugs popping 
>    up here and there
> That's all I can think of for right now.


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