Windows to posix acl mapping problem

John P Janosik jpjanosi at
Fri Apr 25 14:38:08 GMT 2003

Can anyone tell me why FILE_READ_ATTRIBUTES is part of the mapping to unix
execute access?  It is causing a problem when settings acls on files that
contain an acl entry with only execute permission.  We are running Samba
2.2.8a on Redhat Linux kernel 2.4.20 + JFS + ACLs.

For example we have a directories with this default acl:

So if you have a file that has inherited this acl and  a user tries to add
a new user or group to the acl via the Windows GUI on win2k or XP, then the
other and group entries go to rx from x even though the user has not
changed them.  It looks to me that this happens because
FILE_READ_ATTRIBUTES is part of the mapping to both read and execute
permission.  When the user opens the GUI acl editor, Samba returns the
permission for other and group as containing FILE_READ_ATTRIBUTES.  Then
when the user applies the new acl, Samba sees that FILE_READ_ATTRIBUTES is
set for other and group and sets them both the rx.


John Janosik

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