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Fri Apr 25 03:04:51 GMT 2003

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Things that work well in my experience (if people have different 
experiences, let me know):

 * net rpc vampire - except that the builtin group membership is not 
   migrated.  I have local patches to fix this, but I'm wondering
   why it was left out in the beginning.  Volker ?  Any comments?

 * trust relationships - almost there.  We need to be able to allocate
   uids/gids for trusted domain users/groups.  Winbind running on 
   a Samba PDC will solve this, but we have to fix the deadlock 
   issues first.  IMO we need to fix this before the feature freeze.
   I know Simo was working on this.  How does it stand right now ?

 * printer publishing via Windows printer properties page - currently
   broken due to some krb credentials cache issue.  

 * Winbind - works with active directory and nt 4 domains (no 
   regressions that I can see).

 * printing code (backend, lanman, & spoolss) - seems ok

 * file serving (including MS-DFS)  - seems ok

 * tdbsam - anyone using this that can comment ?

 * ldapsam - looks ok.  We do have some schema issues to iron out 

 * group mapping (tested with LDAP) - ok

 * nt4 domain control - works good with a few minor bugs popping 
   up here and there

That's all I can think of for right now.

cheers, jerry
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