VFS module - filter everyone etc.

Rainer Link link at foo.fh-furtwangen.de
Thu Apr 24 20:11:18 GMT 2003

>> Btw, you're very welcome to contribute your antivir module to the 
>> samba-vscan
> cool, I'll thing about it

Fine :)

>>  project :) Unfortunately, the samba-vscan framework is currently 
>> neither completed nor documented *sigh*
> when I started with vfs_antivir I looked at the samba-vscan code...
> But the amount of #ifdef's made me start up from the scratch :-)

Most #ifdefs are for the simple reason that the VFS interface has 
changed in 2.2.x from time to time. Same for 3.0 :-)

Btw, when did you look at the code? Some weeks ago? Months? You may 
simply browse through the code via cvsweb.openantivirus.org/samba-vscan

> maybe it's possible to rewrite the vscan framework for the new vfs 
> interface.

I hope so.

> and make use of the lp_parm_*() functions...

lp_parm_* is for the parametric VFS options stuff? I use my own 
samba-style configuration file currently, parsing is done via pm_process.

> it would be cool to a modular system where only the scanner backend 
> could be change.
That's what I had in mind. Actually, sb was working on a 
samba-vscan-caching server, which basically uses
a protocol similar to the one OAV ScannerDaemon is using. I should get 
back to this person and ask for the current status.

cheers, Rainer

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