VFS module - filter everyone etc.

Rainer Link rainer at openantivirus.org
Thu Apr 24 16:33:57 GMT 2003

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:

>> Stefan (et al): I would really appreciate, if
>> - there's some kind of a HowTo telling how to convert existing VFS 
>> modules into the new VFS system

> I'll writting a tutorial and an example module,
> witch descripes how to update 2.2 and 3.0aplha modules

Good :-)

> But first I'll complete the code and test it :-)

Of course. If I can be of any help wrt testing, please ask.

>> - the documentation of VFS modules could be expanded imho (e.g. 
>> Samba-Developers-Guide.pdf) :-)
> this tutorial will find place in the Developers-Guide :-)

Fine, I'm glad to hear that.

>> - is there a prefered way, how memory for private data (i.e. 
>> vfs_handle->data) should be allocated? via talloc as in 
> the memory could be talloced on the conn->mem_ctx talloc context,
> witch I will add with the new vfs interface.
> or you can use memory allocation as you want.
> and the freeing will be done by the 
> vfs_hanlde->free_data(&vfs_handle->data);

Thanks for your input and work on the VFS stuff! Hm, actually at least 
for 2.2.8(a) it seems doing on-access scanning via VFS has more 
"overhead" than doing it as a linux kernel module. First test showed 
8sec vs ~20sec. But I need to do some more reasearch on that.

best regards,
Rainer Link

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