password quality script aka --with-cracklib replacement

Pierre Belanger belanger at
Thu Apr 24 13:48:04 GMT 2003

[ oups, forgot to cc here ]

Hello Andrew,

--- Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at> wrote:
> Did we ever reach a conclusion on this?
I think so, from what I *recall*

> We have a feature freeze coming rather soon, so if
> we want to get this in, we will need to be fast.
Will do.

> I'm sorry I got a bit busy - but I have a little
> time now if you can get me the patch again.
I got busy too since the past ~ 2 months. I just
came back from vacation (over time paid in
vacation time).

I think the code (password-quality.c) is finished,
except some stuff you might consider changing or
"moving around".

I do have a small Perl program, but it's a simple
example (check if there's at least 1 numeric, 1
upper-case, 1 lower case and 1 "symbol" chars
(!@#$%^&*, etc).

I don't think I'll have much time to make a program
that can keep in a "database" X old passwords for
each users to force user not to use any previous
password in the DB. I'll have to read back on this
issue from the list. There was lots of comment on
how to do it and is this something possible to do
or not? I think adding a small Perl example and the
password-quality.c is *the* first step. Once it's
in there, other people are welcome to make "better"

I will come back to you within the next few days,
perhaps today (I just got to work, looks like it
ain't gonna be a busy day... so far!). You'll
have something on Sunday at most (promise!).

Pierre B.

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