Libsmbclient fails to handle filse sizes more than 4GB

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Thu Apr 24 09:37:49 GMT 2003

Hi Richard,
You are absolutely right.. The 2.2.8 lib works absolutely fine we were
using 2.2.5 lib with some our modifiactions to code.
Thanks for the support.


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On Wed, 23 Apr 2003, Abhijeet Paturkar wrote:

> Hi all,
> We are using libsmbclient library in our product.
> The lib. works absolutely fine with files sizes less than 4GB. It 
> fails for more than 4GB sizes. Following is the program demonstrating 
> this The readers are requested to modify the code to change hardcoded 
> values. Does any one uses libsmbclient fore dealing with files more 
> than 4GB, if yes please help us
> to use it in right way. 

Ummm, what version of Samba and thus libsmbclient are you using?

libsmbclient has no hard-coded values in it in this regard, however, the

underlying libsmb routines that it uses were not fixed to use the
SMBwrite and SMBread formats to handle large offsets until Samba 2.2.8,
believe, and Samba 3.0alpha 21 or 22, I think.

Richard Sharpe, rsharpe[at], rsharpe[at], 

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