Acl inherit problem in samba 2.2.8

Henrik Beckman henrik at
Thu Apr 24 07:21:08 GMT 2003

Hi, again

I have tried NT4 sp6a, W2k SP1 and  XP  v 5.1.2600.
 getfacl results in my first post where taken from a directory created 
in NT  (nt4_test) and unix (unix_test), however
all directories created in the above versions of windows gets the same 
acl as NT.

Thanks for helping =)

Henrik Beckman
Geological Survey of Sweden

jra at wrote:

>On Wed, Apr 23, 2003 at 01:51:37PM +0200, Henrik Beckman wrote:
>>Acl inherit problem in samba 2.2.8
>>Hi all these seems  to be an bug in 2.2.8, it didn´t happen in 2.2.7.
>>See below for details and example.
>>Hope someone can help me out, this is a real showstopper here =(
>What is the client OS you are using ? I need to find this out to
>try and reproduce it.
>	Jeremy.

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