VFS module - filter everyone etc.

Libor Vanek libor at conet.cz
Wed Apr 23 22:03:49 GMT 2003

>>That would be very helpful. I need to catch the point where is Samba 
>>sending to Windows list of ACLs (e.g. owner user  is john and has rwx, 
>>owner group is johngroup and has rw-, everyone has r--, adam has rw-, 
>>managment has rwx) and filter owner group and everyone out of this list 
>>(so return only owner user john, adam and managment).
>Are you aware of what does this mean?
>Have you thought of what happen when a user apply a change in ACLs?
>Have you thought that a user may have a false sense of privacy, while
>other instead can still access it's files?
>Be careful before playing with ACLs.

Yes, I'm completely aware of this. I need this for our NAS based server 
and there I can assure then when administrator turns this module on that 
I'll chmod all existing files and setup "create mode" etc. parametres in 

I'm planing to do some hacks in VFS layer in Linux kernel later this 
year (adding native Windows ACL support) and so I'd like to add 
possibility that when this (Samba) VFS module is started I'll force 
everyone/owner group check in Linux VFS to refuse access even through 
NFS/etc. NOW I need only quick'n'dirty hack to Samba to sattisfy some users.


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