libsmbclient testsuite? (cvs HEAD)

Ben Gould ben at
Wed Apr 23 18:56:54 GMT 2003


I've had to make some modifications to libsmbclient.

I've still got work to do on this & the tests (mine; then, ideally, 
samba's) so I'll ask here whether someone can provide me with 
information on running them?

Modifications are for:

- more debug trace of the libsmbclient api, specifically 
connection-related functions;

- allow a user of the api to disable the fall-back to anonymous 
authentication in smbc_server();

- allow me to check that a (username, password) combination is valid or 
invalid by attempting to connect to a domain controller's IPC$ share 
and then sending it a keepalive.  I needed to add a function to SMBCCTX 
to test this;

- libsmbclient api failed with my solaris (gcc 2.95.3) build because of 
a problem within vasprintf / talloc_init / cli_initialise

-- ben

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