samba-3.0alpha23: linux quota compiling error

Andreas andreas at
Wed Apr 23 13:58:17 GMT 2003

I'm getting the following error while trying to compile samba-3.0alpha23:
Compiling smbd/quotas.c
smbd/quotas.c: In function `get_smb_linux_vfs_quota':
smbd/quotas.c:115: storage size of `D' isn't known

quotas.c includes <linux/quota.h>, but that include file only defines
mem_dqblk (quota2?) if __KERNEL__ is defined.

<sys/quota.h>, on the other hand, does define dqblk (quota 1?) for user level applications.

Shouldn't samba use sys/quota.h instead of linux/quota.h?
My kernel is a heavily patched 2.4.20 one I'm afraid.

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