VFS module - filter everyone etc.

Libor Vanek libor at conet.cz
Wed Apr 23 11:08:32 GMT 2003

>> can anybody help me with writing VFS module for filtering NT ACL 
>> list? I want users NOT to see owner group/everyone in list of ACLs 
>> for file/directory (all other ACL should be visible without any 
>> modification).
>> I wanted to use skel.c from VFS examples and "hook up" to the 
>> "skel_get_nt_acl", but it didn't seemed to be the right function (or 
>> I failed to understand function parametres - it can be :-))) but what 
>> else if not this one?
> Do you want to write this module for samba 3.0 ?
> if so then please notice that the vfs interface will be changed a bit 
> in the next days.


> Please read this mail and all other with the same topic...
> http://lists.samba.org/pipermail/samba-technical/2003-April/044132.html

Hmmm, seems like only very minor changes.

> If you have problems with writing the module it self, I can help you
> with that!
> But I'm not familiar with the poix acl internals.
> But ask me and I will see what I can do :-)

That would be very helpful. I need to catch the point where is Samba 
sending to Windows list of ACLs (e.g. owner user  is john and has rwx, 
owner group is johngroup and has rw-, everyone has r--, adam has rw-, 
managment has rwx) and filter owner group and everyone out of this list 
(so return only owner user john, adam and managment).


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