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Wed Apr 23 02:28:49 GMT 2003

Richard Sharpe wrote:
> When I first saw this question I could not make head nor tails of it.
> I suspect that the poster needs to formulate a coherent question before 
> anyone have help.
> For example, Pathworks is not a terminal emulator; it is a stable of 
> products that that Digital Equipment produced for OpenVMS (formerly
>  VAX/VMS) and Ultrix and etc. It includes client bits and server bits, 
> and did include a terminal emulation product.

And the client package still includes a terminal emulator and an X-11 
server.  However it does not run on LINUX to my knowledge.

For LINUX, all you need to do is have an X-11 display running and have 
the OpenVMS host display what ever you want on it.  You can set up 
scripts for rsh or rexec on LINUX to pop the windows up from a menu.

KERMIT is also a good cross platform terminal emulator, and IIRC there 
are versions of it for LINUX.

But the original poster is clearly on the wrong mailing list.

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