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Tue Apr 22 14:05:02 GMT 2003

On Thu, 2003-04-03 at 13:30, jmcd at wrote:
> Date:	Thu Apr  3 03:30:24 2003
> Author:	jmcd
> Update of /home/cvs/samba/source/lib
> In directory
> Added Files:
> 	ldap.c 
> Log Message:
> The ldap idmap backend from Anthony Liguori (aliguori at
> This patch moves the ldap routines out of passdb into a generic
> library and implements an LDAP backend for IDMAP.  THe backend
> can be enabled with "idmap backend = ldap" in smb.conf.  THere
> are also schema changes to make sure to update teh ldap schema files.

Sorry to leave this for so long - but I've just started to run over bugs
created by this commit, and decided to read the code...

Firstly, the patch re-introduced code from an *old* version of pdb_ldap,
which broke deletion of user accounts.  When moving files, move current

Secondly, the fundamental design of the ldap idmap storage mechanism is
completely flawed - idmap must deal with every arbitrary SID - not just
SIDs we happen to know the domain for.  This was explained at our
developer-day recently, but I had thought that aliguori had picked that
much up from our discussions on IRC...  (In fact, it was due to these
discussions that I had felt I could avoid having to read over it, and
got onto other work).

Thirdly, I've already fixed up other bugs in it - where it didn't even
compile if --with-ldapsam (a 2.2 compatibility option) was specified.

As such, I'm wondering if this might be best kept in HEAD or removed -
but certainly not merged to 3.0.  In particular, I would not want our
code to need to deal with this particular variant of ldap storage into
our stable series (where we have commitments about compatibility).

Andrew Bartlett

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