Microsoft Dfs root description in AD

Antti Tikkanen antti.tikkanen at
Tue Apr 22 08:40:54 GMT 2003

Hi all,

Has anyone given any effort in examining the Dfs root descriptions stored
in Active Directory. I think the required information is stored in
somewhere close to:

  dn: CN=dfs,CN=Dfs-Configuration,CN=System,DC=my,DC=domain,DC=com

More precisely, the attribute pKT contains the root description I think?
I gather no specification on this has been published by Microsoft? Does
anyone have any pointers as to where I could start?

The reason I'm digging into this is that I would like smbclient to have
seamless access to my Windows 2000 fileservers.



Antti.Tikkanen at
Helsinki University of Technology
Computing Centre

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