head/source/passdb/pdb_ldap.c build errors

Green, Paul Paul.Green at stratus.com
Sun Apr 20 16:15:36 GMT 2003

On a system without ldap.h, configure sets HAVE_LDAP_H and HAVE_LDAP to
undefined. (Good). Further in include/smb_ldap.h, the smb_ldap_privates
structure is defined only if HAVE_LDAP is true. But pdb_ldap.c still
unconditionally references fields in smb_ldap_privates. This leads to a host
of fatal compilation errors in pdb_ldap.c.

Seen on Solaris 5.8 today while building head. (Actually, configure said
"present but cannot be compiled" for ldap.h). I can make config.h or the
logs available upon request.  I haven't seen this problem on VOS, so perhaps
a slightly different combination of headers works.

(This is essentially the same error that the "paros" Solaris 9 machine is
getting building head with gcc on the build farm.)

I'm not familiar enough with this area of Samba to be able to figure out a
fix. Sorry.

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