Clarification on Group Policies

Willi Mann newsletters at
Sat Apr 19 21:07:12 GMT 2003

John H Terpstra wrote:

> With Samba and in the absence of Active Directory it is NOT possible to
> create Group Policy Objects for users and machines.
> It IS possible to continue the use of the NTConfig.POL method of
> implementing Policies. You can obtain the NEXUS toolkit or user the
> SRVTOOLS kit (both available from MS FTP/Web sites) to create your
> NTConfig.POL file. Soon, if all goes well, Samba-3 will have a new tool
> that will allow you to create NTconfig.POL files also.
> - John T.

Thanks John.

I can currently not test the tools you mentioned (I only found a version 
that dates back to 1995/1996 and that didn't contain anything for 
editing policies). So I assume there's no tool available that can do 
more than poledit (e.g. include w2k .adm's)?

Maybe it's possible to create a intermediate workaround for the User 
part of the Administrative Templates that does not violate SAMBA's 
policy not to require Client Side change:
A (perl) parser that builds a .conf. This .conf allows the admin to 
change the values like in the Group Policies. A second (perl) script 
makes a .reg from this that could be applied in a (dynamic) Logon 
Script. What do you think of this?
I won't have time to try this in the next 3 weeks because of some exams 
but then I could do this hack.

Willi Mann

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