VFS MODULE writers HEAD's up!!! Fixing Cascaded VFS modules

Simo idra at samba.org
Sat Apr 19 12:34:10 GMT 2003

On Fri, 2003-04-18 at 23:41, Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:

> this old module:
> static int example_stat(struct connection_struct *conn, const char *fname, 
> {
>          return default_vfs_ops.stat(conn, fname, sbuf);
> }
> the new module:
> static int example_stat(struct connection_struct *conn, const char *fname, 
> {
>          VFS_DEFAULT_OPS;
>          VFS_HANDLE_GET_OPS(conn, return -1);
>          return default_vfs_ops->stat(conn, fname, sbuf);
> }

what does exactly VFS_HANDLE_GET_OPS do?
imho it's not acceptable to reget all the option at each operation.
the bet sthing would be to have a chain of operations for each service,
so that each module is linked to a ring of the chain and calls the next

 |-- module 1 operations
 |-- module 2 ops
 |-- module 3 ops

> 2.) Since we have the new module loading system
> we can remove the vfs_init() and vfs_done() functions
> (we allready have vfs_connect() an vfs_disconnect() to manage the per 
> connection stuff)
> the smb_register_vfs() fn will directly register the vfs_op_tuple array.

vfs_init() and vfs_done() are a different thing of vfs_connect() and
vfs_disconnect(), you may have modules that require an initialization
when load and later a second initialization for each share.

> 3.) Limitation of the system:
> we can't allow:
> vfs object = recycle audit recycle
> but I think such a combination doesn't make any sense.

not for the recycle, but it may do for a caching module for example.

> and if someone would really need it, he should copy the recycle.c to recycle2.c
> let the recycle2.c register under name 'recycle2'

not acceptable, would be an administrative pain imho.

> and then he could use:
> vfs object = recycle audit recycle2
> 4.) Does anybody has any objections against this system?
> It would be really cool to get a fast feedback!!!
> Because I think this fix should be get its way into SAMBA 3.0 !!!

If we need a per service chain, than that's what we need to do.
3.0 is not out yet, so there is no need to keep modules compatibility
except perhaps for smb.conf options.


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