Samba 2.2.x with small mod manages to survive three rounds in the ring with NetBench 7.0.3 and two engines on one client

jra at jra at
Fri Apr 18 22:20:25 GMT 2003

On Fri, Apr 18, 2003 at 02:29:46PM -0700, Richard Sharpe wrote:
> Hi,
> After complaining about this yesterday, I grabed some large traces and 
> looked at things, and believe that Samba was doing the wrong things with 
> replies to NTCreate&X ... (specifically, setting the 0x80000 bit, which 
> Windows never does).
> I now have a NetBench run that is on its fourth iteration ... still going 
> strong. Let's see.

Patch please ? :-). Well done btw.


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