winbind problem with current CVS

Roylance, Stephen D. SROYLANCE at PARTNERS.ORG
Wed Apr 16 21:15:50 GMT 2003

I'm experiencing a new problem with winbind/samba on HEAD for the past week or
so.  I assume the conf parameter idmap uid and idmap gid replace the old winbind
uid/gid.  I've set a large range (100000-300000) for both.  The first user to
connect through smbd gets mapped correctly, but any other use fails to
authenticate and I get the following in log.smbd:
[2003/04/15 13:36:01, 0] sam/idmap_tdb.c:db_allocate_id(63)
  idmap Fatal Error: UID range full!!

Querying NT users through the winbind nss library works fine for any users, but
only the first user gets mapped correctly through smb.


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