Current Ports, Types, etc.

Justin D Davis justindd at
Wed Apr 16 06:39:48 GMT 2003

Can someone please tell me all of the current data for ports/types used by 
Samba and Windows

Including Ports used on Samba end for receiving and sending (both source 
and destination), and tcp vs udp

Source Ports on the client end for Windows, smbclient, etc and again tcp vs udp

Also, a brief description of each port's data would be helpful for some of 
the commenting that I would like to put in there.

I am trying to assist with the updating of a firewall tool which is being 
put into OpenNA's new distro, and I notice that they do not have things 
quite right because Samba seems to hang big time anytime I use their 
settings, but when I open the firewall, Samba runs great again.  I'm 
guessing there is something else they need to open, and have forgotten about.


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