Mohd Ghalib Akhtar md_ghalib at
Tue Apr 15 05:41:50 GMT 2003

[root at system4 /]# smbtar -s -t root -x "My
Documents" --p
/usr/bin/smbtar: illegal option -- -
Usage: smbtar [<options>] [<include/exclude files>]
Function: backup/restore a Windows PC directories to a
local tape file
Options:         (Description)                
  -r             Restore from tape file to PC  Save
from PC to tapefile
  -i             Incremental mode              Full
backup mode
  -a             Reset archive bit mode        Don't
reset archive bit
  -v             Verbose mode: echo command    Don't
echo anything
  -s <server>    Specify PC Server   
  -p <password>  Specify PC Password
  -x <share>     Specify PC Share              My
  -X             Exclude mode                  Include
  -N <newer>     File for date comparison
  -b <blocksize> Specify tape's blocksize
  -d <dir>       Specify a directory in share  \
  -l <log>       Specify a Samba Log Level     2
  -u <user>      Specify User Name             root
  -t <tape>      Specify Tape device           root

Invalid switch specified - abort.

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