[RFC] issues with the modules system

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at nl.linux.org
Mon Apr 14 22:43:26 GMT 2003


During dinner today I've discussed the current modules system with 
metze. Here's the issues we saw with the current code:

 - undefined symbol errors (loading shared modules with support for
 	subsystems not supported by the active utility, such as loading 
	passdb into nmbd)
 - We currently mix BOOL and int, which is nasty
 - module_path_find_name() is a large hack. We don't actually 
   want the module name to get determined from the module path. Als,
   one module can register multiple modules.

So, the solutions we propose to these problems:

 - remove absolute path support(basically means removing 
 - switch to NTSTATUS or int (with more than 2 return values) as
   return type of the init_module() and smb_register_*() functions
 - provide dummy smb_register_*() functions that just return 
   NT_STATUS_NOT_IMPLEMENTED, so that we don't get bus errors when
   we are trying to call a smb_register_ function from a subsystem 
   not linked into the current binary

Does anyone have comments/suggestions? I'd probably look into 
implementing this after I've got all my merging to 3.0 done.

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