adding drivers to print$

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at
Fri Apr 11 18:11:16 GMT 2003

Peter Hurley wrote:

> I would suggest something akin to the information available at
> in the section
> "Using the Add Printer Wizard" / "With an already existing printer
> share".

I'll check it out....

> I have found this link helpful on a number of occasions.  Also, might I
> suggest a brief section on uploading manually.

I've done this already, 3 months ago, in the form of notes. I'm
finishing the writeup within the next 2 weeks (current status ~50%).

> My replies on this list
> to "[Samba] print$ share problem URGENT - BUG"

When was this?  Ah... found it, in March....

> detail the steps
> necessary to upload drivers manually (which is on occasion necessary --
> see post).  (Although since I'm not yet running 3.0 yet, I can't vouch
> for its applicability there).
> Peter Hurley
> phurley at


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