problem when logging on a vampired PDC

Guillaume LACHENAL glachenal at
Fri Apr 11 07:08:53 GMT 2003

Hi !

attempting to secretly replace our NT PDC, we issue a 'net rpc vampire' 
on a fresh samba server.

the problem is when we move a workstation (member of the domain of 
course) from the subnet A (with NTPDC) to subnet B (with SambaPDC) and 
try to loggin on the domain, it fails with :

" The system can't open a session on this domain because the computer's 
system account in his principal domain is missing or the password is 
incorrect " (translated from french)

Inspecting the ldap attributes of this computer object, we can see 
something strange : all computer accounts (seems to) have "ntPassword" 
set but not all have "lmPassword" (the computer we use has not)

Any help/idea welcome !

our env. :
  * samba-3.0alpha23
	compiled with --with-ldap --with-ldapsam --with-syslog
  * openldap-2.1.16
  * smbldap-tools-0.7 from IDEALX

Thanks in advance.



(I first post on samba at, but I may be the wrong list or 
my problem may have been badly described. Sorry )

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