the support for rpc commands in samba 3.0

more.zeng more.zeng at
Fri Apr 11 04:08:15 GMT 2003

Hi, Simo,

Very thanks for your help, now I can do some management for shared 
folders from win2k server mmc.

With the examples/misc/ file, it can work properly 
now. Thanks again for the samba team and all the supporting guys, :)


Simo Sorce wrote:

>On Thu, 2003-04-10 at 06:21, more.zeng wrote:
>>I am now trying to use samba3.0 alpha 23 as our file server in win2000 
>>domain. Until now it works very well, it joins the ADS domain and works 
>>nicely, very thanks for the effort taken by samba team and all the 
>>supporting guys.
>>Still I have these such questions:
>>I have found samba supports many kinds of windows network protocols such 
>>as smb, dcerpc, srvsvc, winreg, etc. It makes the samba integraged with 
>>win2000 domain very well. But I find until now it is impossible for me 
>>to build or stop a share from win2000 server mmc. I think it is for the 
>>reason that samba does not support the required rpc commands. If what I 
>>thought is right, will samba 3.0 release or later alpha versions support 
>>all these commands? I wish to get the confirmation for it is in our plan 
>look at:
>add share command
>change share command
>delete share command
>options in smb.conf

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