Daylight savings question

David Schwarz dave at
Wed Apr 9 09:42:31 GMT 2003

Hi guys,

we have just swapped from daylight saving back to normal time in OZ, and
once again all the jobs that sync from Samba to Win2k, resynced every

This time, I looked closely to see what was going on, and the answer was a
supprise, although maybe readers of this list are aware of what I found.

Basicly what appears was on the swap to and from daylight savings Win2k
and WinXP change the reported time on all files by 1 hour.
(The GMT time which is what is stored on the filesystem doesnt change, 
but the
offset does)

This off couse seems counter intutive, the time a file was created should
never change, no matter what time of year you look at it.

The issue of course is that samba works how one would expect, and
automaticly works out what the correct time to report based on the timezone,
the daylight savings start and finish, and the gmt create time.

This then leads to problems when syncing large directories between samba
server and Win2k workstations. (Which we do every day)

I've looked at the time offset paramter, and it seems to do handle this 
but I dont to have recomend that we turn this on and off each year, on 
the ~30
samba server we have.

I was wondering is there something I've missed in smb.conf ? or should I 
a change to samba.

I was thinking a setting that emulates windows handling of Daylight 
savings would
be off help.


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