bug in init_ldap_from_sam(pdb_ldap)

Dariush Forouher dariush at forouher.de
Tue Apr 8 21:33:13 GMT 2003


some days ago I noticed that with current 3_0 cvs it is impossible to
add new machines to ldapsam_nua backend, because samba doesn't set the
rid and primaryGroupID attributes.

After looking into pdb_ldap.c, I think I've found the reason for this
If a non-unix account is added, init_ldap_from_sam gets a SAM_ACCOUNT
with USERSID set to 0. A new rid will be discovered in this case, but
need_update still compares against sampass and therefore thinks that the
rid has not to be changed. To the GroupRID this applies IMHO too.

Can somebody please comment on this? My knowledge about the samba code
is very limited, so please forgive me if this is far away from reality.

PS: This message isn't translated via babelfish, even if it sounds as it
would be ;-)
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