BUG: Propagating ACLs down a directory tree only works for on e le vel per attempt

Marc Kaplan MKaplan at snapappliance.com
Tue Apr 8 01:23:03 GMT 2003

Yeah, I do see a comment the posix_acls.c code about marking directories
inheriting by default but it doesn't seem to be working here if the intent
was to address this problem. 

> > problem does not seem to exist when setting the ACLs from 
> NT4->Samba,
> only
> > Win2k->Samba. I haven't tested with XP though.
> Yeah, this was the behavior I remember...basically, since NT4 
> doesn't have
> inheritance, the problem didn't exist.  Win2k does the 
> strangest set of acl
> changes to propagate something, and in our translation 
> between win<->posix,
> we confused it into stopping in the middle of its massive 
> chain of changes.
> I really thought we had taken care of this.

And just to confirm, yes this is not a problem for XP->Samba server, only
2k->Samba server.


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