BUG: Propagating ACLs down a directory tree only works for one le vel per attempt

Marc Kaplan MKaplan at snapappliance.com
Mon Apr 7 21:50:13 GMT 2003

Hello List:

So I have a directory tree like this:


So, DirA is a subdir of SHARE1 (which is a share), DirB is a subdir of DirA,
and DirC is a subdir of DirB.

When I use Win2k Advanced permissions tab to "Reset permissions on all child
objects and enable propagation of inheritable permissions" on DirA, the
behavior I see is that the permission is only propagated down a single level
to DirB and NOT to DirC. 

The very interesting thing is that if after running the propagation once, I
click the "Reset permissions..." button again, it will propagate to DirC. So
if I have a 100 level directory tree, I will have to click the "Reset
permissions..." button 100 times :).

I have an Ethereal trace of this failed propagation for the directory
structure above on Win2k->Samba and a comparative Ethereal trace of this
operation succeeding on Win2k->Win2k. I didn't attach it (it's a pretty
large trace), but I can send it to anyone who wants it. 


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