REPOST: sesssetup.c, encrypted passwords and unicode

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Mon Apr 7 18:33:28 GMT 2003


I am rushing to get my book finished, but I plan on spending some time
with the rest of the Team next week and will show them what I have found
with regard to this issue.

Again, I do not believe that Windows servers offer the plaintext/Unicode 
combination.  This is something that only Samba servers (as far as I know) 
can handle.  To make this work, we need to see how Windows clients react 
to it and do our best to compensate.

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On Mon, Apr 07, 2003 at 08:32:49PM +0300, Nir Soffer wrote:

> (Sorry for reposting, but this still looks like a bug to me, no one
> acknowledged it or told me I was wrong - and from what I've seen it 
> hasn't been really fixed in 3.0 yet..)
> Hi there! I've been trying to get Samba 3.0 to use plaintext passwords
> and unicode for a while now.
> The first thing I stumbled on was solved, it was a service pack that
> needed to be applied to w2k. (Thanks!)
> This is the second thing I stumbled on:
> In line 613 of sesssetup.c (latest CVS) there is the following code snippet:
>                 } else {
>                         pstring pass;
>                         srvstr_pull(inbuf, pass, smb_buf(inbuf),
>                                     sizeof(pass),  passlen1, STR_TERMINATE);
>                         plaintext_password = data_blob(pass, strlen(pass)+1);
>                 }

> From what (limited) understanding I have, passlen1 in this case is the 
> non-unicode password, and passlen2 is the unicode password. The code 
> pull the wrong passlen, and consequently the wrong password was checked
> against the database. ( a password with a length of 0)
> Changing the code to use passlen2 basically allowed me to login, but I'm
> pretty sure this is not the correct fix (I would think that one should
> first check if the connection is unicode or not).
> Just FYI,
> Thanks :)
> Nir.
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