Building 2.2.8a with spinlocks

David Collier-Brown -- Customer Engineering David.Collier-Brown at Sun.COM
Mon Apr 7 17:23:17 GMT 2003

   Ok, but you probably want to avoid spinlocks
unless you aren't allowed to use the Sun patch
(the latest version of the Kernel Jumbo Patch,
to be exact!) that fixes a lock algorithm problem.


Joe Meslovich wrote:
> I am trying to compile 2.2.8a on Solaris 8. In the past I have had to add
> -lrt to the libs to get it to compile properly. This time I also had to
> edit the following set of lines in the Makefile:
> bin/tdbbackup: $(TDBBACKUP_OBJ) bin/.dummy
>         @echo Linking $@
>         @$(CC) $(FLAGS) -o $@ $(TDBBACKUP_OBJ)
> I had to add -lrt at the end of "@$(CC) $(FLAGS) -o $@ $(TDBBACKUP_OBJ)"
> for it to build. Otherwise it complained that nanosleep in spinlock.o was
> not referenced.
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