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On Sun, 9 Mar 2003, Scott Prive wrote:

> I'm looking for information on the Samba test and release process. I
> expect there's nothing formal like Mozilla, but is there a group or
> individual who has a primary focus of testing? I have some questions.
> Is there a official" regression testsuite exist for samba, and where
> would I find this? Is there a multi-system test that verifies overall
> functionality?
> I'd like to contribute to such an effort -- or start one (using Perl). I
> have plenty of time for such a thing, while looking for a SQA job :-/.
> (I am not a list member. I'll watch if a thread develops, but it would
> be helpful to cc: me on replies).

There is no official, automated test suite.  Tim & Martin have been 
working on a unit testing framework.  We reply very heavily on community 
testing.  Sometimes this pays off and sometimes it does not (people have 
varying work schedules and amounts of free time).  For a long time, i have 
wished for a repeatable system testing framework but have not had any time
(or real ambition to do something like that).  If you want to help develop
one, mail me off list and we can talk about how to get started.

cheers, jerry
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