Changing drivers on spoolss printers

Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at
Fri Apr 4 10:07:41 GMT 2003

Mike Brodbelt wrote:
> HP 4000N Printer with installed PCL driver. I try to change this to the
> HP provided PostScript driver, by going to the "printers" folder on the
> samba server from a windows client, then selecting "properties/new
> driver". After browsing to the directory containing the driver, the
> system copies the new driver files to the PRINT$ share on the server,
> and then produces the following error:-
> "Unable to change to the specified driver, original settings will be
> restored".

Apologies for sending this one to Samba Technical - it was meant to go
to the Samba list, but I wasn't thinking straight....

Anyway, solution to this was simply that the user attempting to add the
new driver didn't have permissions to overwrite existing files in the
print$ share.


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